Price Matching

While we strive to offer the highest cash amount possible, we realize that there will be times when our competitors will offer more. When this scenario happens, we will do our best to match that offer to win your business. We know that it would be much easier for you to sell all your clubs to one company instead having to shop around and ship your clubs to different companies. In order to receive a price match, please contact us to let us know where the higher offer is located along with the club information. Unfortunately, we are unable to match prices on left handed clubs.

Price Matching Conditions

  1. The offer of our competitor must be a cash offer and not a store credit or gift card.

  2. We must be able to verify that it is a reputable business.

  3. The club in question must match the club selected on our website exactly.

  4. You must include a link to the website and the item you are requesting the price match for in the email.